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Carnal Forge 2014



Carnal Forge - When All Else Fails - April 30th, 2014

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered At SoundPeaQ Studios By Petri Kuusisto
Music & Lyrics By Carnal Forge © 2014
Produced By Carnal Forge
Photo & Graphic Design By Carnal Forge

Bleed For Me featuring
Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry & Mike Wead of King Diamond & Mercyful Fate
on guest leads. (In order Petri, Per & Mike)

Lyrics: Chemical Disincorporation & Bleed For Me

When All Else Fails (2014)

Bleed for me

Chemical Disincorporation

Carnal Forge is back in biz!!!!

The most hard hitting Swedish thrash metal band you will ever find. Hits you in the face like a lemon-wrapped sledgehammer with their precise and brutal but yet melodic tunes. Thrash metal supremacy.

Swedens Finest Thrash Metal Since 1997! 6 albums, 1 live DVD, touring in Europe, USA & Japan. 3 official videos. 2 new songs out in April 2014, & new album out in 2015.

Some of the names may have changed, but CF is back in full force to reclaim their position as one of the heaviest most hard hitting bands ever... and don't call it a comeback, these guys just took a pause... to gather their strenght and focus on what's important.

Back in the game is original founder Jari Kuusisto on rythm guitar and vocalist Jens C. Mortensen that sang on the latest highly acclaimed full length album Testify For My Victims. Long time strugglers Lars Lindén (bass) and Petri Kuusisto (lead guitar) are very happy with this line up and it is completed with Lawrence Dinamarca on drums (Loch Vostok, ex Bleeding Utopia).

A long year has past since we started working again, and no one can blame us for being fast, but now it's finally time to release the beast! Take cover!

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Carnal Forge are:

Jens C Mortensen - Vocals
Petri Kuusisto - Lead Guitar
Jari Kuusisto - Rhythm Guitar
Lars Lindén - Bass
Lawrence Dinamarca - Drums

Latest album: Testify for my victims:

Burning Eden (Official video)

Numb (Official video)

Blood War (Official video)

Carnal Forge Online:

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When All Else Fails - (2014) single
Blood War - (2009) - single
Testify For My Victims - (2007) - CD
Aren't You Dead Yet? - (2004) - CD
Destroy Live (2004) - DVD
The More You Suffer - (2003) - CD
Please... Die! - (2001) - CD
Firedemon - (2000) - CD
Who's Gonna Burn - (1998) - CD

Hi res photo of Carnal Forge

Photo by Lars Lindén
From Left to right:
Jari Kuusisto (g), Jens Mortensen (v), Lars Lindén (b), Petri Kuusisto (g), Lawrence Dinamarca (d)

Carnal Forge 2014


Carnal Forge April 2013


Photo by Lars Lindén
From Left to right:
Lawrence Dinamarca (d) , Jens C Mortensen (v), Petri Kuusisto (g) , Lars Lindén (b) , Jari Kuusisto (g)

Carnal Forge April 2013


Carnal Forge April 2013


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